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We specialize in providing the Southeast United States
with quality aerial photography.
Located on our own airfield we provide instant
response aerial photography throughout the state.
In Business Since 1989
* * * Qualifications * * *
We own and operate a Cessna 182 throughout the Southeast United States. This aircraft is equipped with a camera hole to do vertical photography through the belly of the aircraft from altitudes up to 18,000 feet that can give you coverage of 4 x 3 miles or as precise as just
one to 2 %.
Mr. Russell established Russell Aerial Photography in Orlando in 1989. He has been a pilot since 1976, originally from Boca Raton, FL. Owns and operates a Cessna 182 and has instrument and commercial and seaplane ratings with over 13,000 hours flying time. Mr. Russell does all the flying and photography himself and post processing of aerials. Living at Massey Airpark in Edgewater allows him to respond to immediate aerial missions at a moments notice. Most flights are flown in 24-48 hours of request at regular rates.
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Camera & Processing Equipment
All photography is accomplished in digital format. We use the Canon 5DSR optics exclusively Zeiss and Canon L lenses that has the capability to produce very large files and prints up to and exceeding 30 x 40 inches. All work is completed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics. Your work can be provided to you on disk, print or in rush cases, downloaded from our FTP site. All work is guaranteed 100%. This allows us to deliver unmatched quality in all types of environments. We can print photographs up to 44" x 70" on our Epson 9800 printer. No matter what your needs are we can meet them and deliver a superior product. If you demand the best quality and service throughout Florida, we invite you to experience the latest in photographic technology today.
Located on our own airfield we provide instant response aerial photography throughout the state.
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Ground Photography
We also provide excellent quality architectural photography on a limited basis.
Eminent Domain
We do right of way work for taking of properties for law firms, planners,
engineers and government agencies.
Stock Photography
We have a very large stock inventory of central Florida dating from 1989
and can access stock photographs prior to these dates.
* * * Our Specialty * * *

Russell Aerial Photography specializes in accident reconstruction aerial photography throughout Florida and other states on request. We provide immediate response for accidents needing immediate documentation 7 days a week. We work for major insurance companies and accident reconstruction experts.
Aerial Terminology
Oblique Photo - photos taken at an angle to show the horizon
Vertical Photo - photo taken out the bottom of the aircraft
Scaled Vertical - vertical photo that also has a scale value associated with it (useful for planning, etc.)
Overhead - shot over property looking within 10-20 degrees of the vertical
Rectified Vertical - photo has been corrected for any tilt in

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