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What is the difference between oblique, vertical, scaled, overhead, and rectified vertical aerial photography?

  • Oblique Photos are photographs taken at an angle to show the horizon. 

  • Vertical Photos are photographs taken from the bottom of the aircraft.

  • Scaled Vertical Photos are vertical photographs with scale value associations, useful for planning, etc.

  • Overhead Photos are photographs taken of property, looking within 10-20 degrees of the vertical.

  • Rectified Vertical Photos are photographs corrected for any tilt. 


What type of camera and equipment do you use? 

  • Canon 5DSR

  • Zeiss and Canon L lenses for 30" x 40" & larger files & prints. 

  • Epson 9800 printer for photographs up to 44" x 70" 


What is your digital photography process? 

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 


How are you able to provide rush service with normal turn around in 3-5 days?

  • I live at Massey Airpark in Edgewater, FL. This allows for immediate same day service anywhere in Florida, weather permitting of course. 


How are images delivered?  

  • Imagery is delivered through Dropbox or your preferred delivery system.


Is the work guaranteed? 

  • All work is guaranteed 100%.


What credit cards are accepted? 

  •  We accept AMEX, MasterCard, Visa.


What other photography services are available?

  • Ground Photography - architectural photography is available on a limited basis.

  • Eminent Domain - right of way work, photos taken for law firms, planners, engineers and government agencies.

  • Stock Photography - stock inventory of central Florida dating from 1989 is available. ​

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